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cosmic soul!

Your Destiny Awaits

I'm Danielle Rosado
intuitive ASTROLOGEr &  BUSINESS strategist

helping you align your life & business with the stars 

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This one is for my intuitive CEO's, healers, astro witches & all who are cosmically curious... 


Sit down, grab a cup of cacao, take a deep breath & let out a big sigh.


Are you ready to explore your unique astrological placements that make up the magic of who you are & how to live your soul's purpose?

Are you ready to feel confident and clear as fuck in your mission by cultivating an intimate relationship with the cosmos?

If you’re nodding your head & doing that little dancey dance you do when your sacral chakra feels on fire, then you’re in the right place.

Your birth chart is a road map to YOUR DESTINED SUCCESS...

The planets show you the “what”, the signs show you the “how”, the houses show you “where”, and the transits show you the “when”

Learning how to work in alignment with your birth chart is the secret sauce to feeling in flow & auspiciously on time with everything you do 


You have the willpower to shift, change, and transform through your birth chart, breaking free from limitations & alchemizing the karmic placements you were born with into abundant power & success. 


And i'm here to teach you how


Who do I work with?

I work with all levels of astrology

From curious beginners, to baby astrologers who desire to expand their knowledge to high achieving entrepreneurs excited to learn intuitive ways to use it in their daily lives, create quantum success results for their businesses and live a life filled with purpose.

Whether you want to learn astrology & manifest with your birth chart every month in my Cosmic Channel Membership

In your healing era using your chart to remember who you are during big life transitions... 

 Or you're a soul-led entrepreneur who is:

Just beginning in business 
& desire to get clear on your offerings, your ideal client, & your purpose

Burnt out & hit a wall
& desire direction on how to pivot & r
ealign your energy and focus

Already foundationally set up in business
& desire an astrologer to consult with for your big business moves 

I'D BE HONORED to meet you where you ARE to support you

astrology readings 

Whether you're brand new to the world of astrology or you're yearning to learn more about your chart & how to work with the current timeline to align with your goals, my one off readings have changed people's lives & is a great place to start. 

Birth Chart Readings, Business Strategy Sessions, Quarterly  Planning, Year Ahead, Love, & Compatibility Reading (mother/child, relationships, business partnership, hiring a team member) 


 cosmic channel 

Astrology Membership

This is for you if you desire to take aligned action with your birth chart on a weekly basis utilizing the current astrology transits in an engaging community of powerhouse women who are ready to welcome you in 


Receive weekly astrology updates to always be plugged into WTF are the planets doing now? 


 Empowerment, mindset & embodiment tools to flow with the planetary cycles


Set intentions depending on how the moon cycles are influencing your birth chart, pull cards, & manifest intentions together

Surprise Guest Speakers + Healers 

A library of Astrology Resources to help you learn how to read your birth chart 

There's a chance to upgrade to Tier 2 which includes all of the above + monthly astrology workshops with different themes for the season


This membership is open to all levels of astrology


All members get to book a 1:1 astrology reading for the month with Danielle for only $197 (normally $350)


This is a month to month membership that you can cancel at any time with a chance to buy for the year.


astrologer in your back pocket
1:1 Monthly Astro Witch Mentorship

This is a 1:1 fully tailored portal for soul led entrepreneurs, intuitive leaders, healers, and medicine women ready to embody their birth chart's placements for magic, success & wealth. 

You'll have a psychic, astrologer, & business strategist in your back pocket 

Monthly planning for life & business using your birth chart every month 

Flow in alignment with your cycles & seasons 

Receive personalized energy updates on how to utilize the current astrology for your benefit 

Manifestation Rituals, Card Readings, Reiki, Energy Mastery 

Without needing to add all these extra calls to your busy schedule 



can i collaborate with you?

Absofreakinglutely! It's the Age of Aquarius, baby! If you have an idea that you'd like to pitch and brainstorm with me, let's connect! You can DM me on socials or contact me at

do you have any free resources?

Are we connected on Instagram? Follow @alignwithdanielle for recent energy updates or join my email list for Cosmic Love Letters dropped into your inbox on  an inspired basis.

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